6 Tips for Safe Canyoning

Canyoning is a very extreme sport, it has, therefore, attracted many people around the world, and it involves several activities like climbing, walking, jumping, and even scrambling. If you love to jump off the steep cliffs, then you must be lucky because this sport was basically created for you.

A lot of people are fond of canyoning because it involves a lot of fun, improves one’s self-confidence as well as the physical state and your fitness. It is important to note that sometimes canyoning can prove to be very risky, it is, therefore, important that you engage in such activity when you have a guide who has vast experience in the activities and can guide in a proper manner. You must ensure that your guide is very qualified and is in a position to give first aid in case of anything.

  • You should first have with you the required basic gears, although several sports companies will give you some gears in case you use their services, below are some of the items those companies can provide you with;

Helmet: This should be your number one item in your canyoning gear.

Canyoning harness: This will help you be descent comfortably by the rope and also be safe.

Wetsuit: This should help in keeping you warm after getting wet.

Buoyancy aid: This helps in keeping one floating.

Neoprene socks: This helps in preventing your feet from getting wet.

  • It is important that you have the necessary information about that place you are going to do your canyoning.
  • You should also have a headlamp, this is because some canyons are very quiet as well as dark, and hence you will need to have some light.
  • Avoid dehydration at all cost; you should always have some bottles of water with you.
  • You should have flexibility when choosing your canyons.
  • Remember to always be attentive and have a lot of fun that is guaranteed by canyons.

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